Your contact information, a brief summary of the project, and a sample of the material is needed to start communication with a consultant and receive a cost estimate.

Send a minimum of 10 pages if you're submitting a fiction or nonfiction book. Send your synopsis and query if you have written drafts.

Send portions of chapters 1 and 3 if you're submitting an academic research paper, along with the first page of your reference list.

If you're requesting data services, upload relevant files (for example, spreadsheets).

If you do not receive a confirmation message, your submission did not go through.

Resend your submission if you don't receive a response within 3 hours (M-F, 11a-8p, eastern), or page the network coordinators at 469-789-3030. Note: The coordinators are not able to provide price quotes or turnaround times for the freelance consultants in this network.

Ethical Limitations:
Our editors will not perform research or write original content for students, and our statisticians will not answer homework or test questions.
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Any service agreement entered into is with your consultant, not with the network as a whole or its coordinator.