Please send the first three chapters of your document if you are requesting writing review and editing. Also send the committee feedback you have received if you need help implementing the directives.

Send a summary of your research project if you are just beginning the concept paper or proposal process and are looking for consultation and advisement.

If you are preparing for your final defense, please send the complete document including appendices.

Upload relevant files if you are requesting research guidance and data services (for example, spreadsheets).

Resend your submission if you don't receive a response within 3 hours (M-F), or page the network coordinators at 469-789-3030 (24/7). Note: The coordinators are not able to provide price quotes or turnaround times for the freelance consultants in this network.

Need help with the submission process?
Call 1-855-EDITING (553-3484)
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If you do not receive a confirmation message, your submission did not go through.

Ethical Limitations:
Our editors will not perform research or write original content for students, and our statisticians will not answer homework or test questions.
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