WIMG Leadership Award Nomination Form
Nominations must be received by September 28, 2018

Criteria: Nominee must be a female elected official who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and worked to help other individuals strive to achieve similar goals; nominee must be a female elected official who has been actively involved with the National League of Cities or a state municipal league; nominee must be a local elected female official from an NLC member city; nominee must have served in a municipal elected office for at least two years; nominee must be nominated by a colleague, constituent, or organization; nominee must be in a municipal elected office through December 31, 2018.

The section below is to be completed by the nominee

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  • If you are planning to attend and register for the NLC City Summit, please remember to purchase a WIMG luncheon ticket on the NLC conference registration form. If you have already registered, you may pay for your luncheon ticket on-site at the conference. If you would like for any registered conference delegates to accompany you to the luncheon, please advise them to purchase a luncheon ticket in advance or on-site at the conference. All luncheon attendees must be registered for City Summit and have purchased a ticket for the luncheon.
  • This section below to be completed by the nominator of award candidate

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  • Please click here for nomination guidelines, https://www.nlc.org/sites/default/files/Nomintation_Statement_0.pdf