Food Service Establishment (FSE) Registration & FOG Permit Renewal Form

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  • Food Service Establishments are classed as defined by NAICS. For more information, the official U.S. Government web site is
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    Opening date may be the date a prior business opened (if applicable)
  • Enter the business account number from your Columbia Power & Water System monthly bill.
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  • Grease Control Information

    Help us understand more about grease control efforts practiced by your business.
  • NOTE: A Grease Traps are usually located inside and connect to dish sinks and/or dishwashers. A Grease Interceptor is larger and normally located underground with manhole type access lids.
  • Enter # of Gallons or Pounds, then select the measurement type shown. If no Interceptor/Trap installed, enter 0 here then select N/A.

  • Select one. If No Interceptor or Trap installed, select Not Applicable
  • Indicate the number and interval. Examples : Every 2 weeks; Once a month; Once every X (number of) months; Twice a Year; etc
  • FSE materials and log forms are available on our website,
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