For hourly rates, call or complete the booking form.

I am very selective and prefer not to be available for everyone nor see a large volume of clients. This way I'm able to give 100% of myself to you.

Please be aware that the screening process is kept strictly confidential. It only needs to be done once, and will be done on a one to one basis. All information will be discarded after the initial meeting.


I ask for a 48 hour notice with cancellations.
Understand that when you book an appointment with me I turn down other appointment requests. If you cancel in 24 hours or less it causes me to lose money. Being as such, I require 100% of the time booked if canceled within 24 hours or less.

Email: - this email is to be used only for sending me information that I have requested from you. If you want to contact me, fully complete the booking form below.

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