NYCWP Invitational Leadership Institute 2018
The Invitational Leadership Institute will meet M-Th, 10am - 4pm, July 9th-26th, 2018, with monthly online meetings throughout the school year. Three additional school-year in-person meetings will be scheduled at a later date.

Please fill in all of the required fields below, then respond to the short-answer questions. Please note that once you begin this form you must complete it within one week (7 days). We strongly suggest drafting responses on another platform before beginning. We cannot accept additional materials via email or mail. After your application is reviewed, you will be contacted if you are invited to interview.
  • Please list the email address you check most frequently.
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  • We will only contact your principal to notify him/her if you are accepted to participate in the Fellowship.
  • List the grades with the number of years that you taught each grade.

    2nd grade, 2 years and 3rd grade, 3 years
    10th grade, 5 years; 11th grade, 1 year
  • Short-Answer Questions

    Please respond to each question in the space provided.
  • Question 1. How is writing a part of your teaching? (275 words max)

  • Question 2. What are the challenges and rewards of teaching writing? (275 words max)

  • Question 3. What do you want people to see, hear, feel and understand about your classroom? (300 words max)
  • Question 4: Who are you as a teacher-writer? How does your practice as a writer influence your teaching practice? Describe your own writing experiences and process.(300 words max)
  • Please upload your resume/CV.