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  • Thank you for your interest in presenting a program at the Cliton Park Halfmoon Public Library. The library presents quality cultural and informational programs that are free and open to the public and that advance the library’s mission to "provide informational, educational, cultural, and recreational reading resources, services, and programs ...” The library's Adult Services department meets on a regular basis to plan, schedule and evaluate program events. Most programs are scheduled several months in advance in order to assure room availability and to produce necessary publicity materials. If you are interested in presenting a program in partnership with the library, please complete the following form.

    We receive a large number of requests in addition to library-originated programming,
    and are unable to present all programs that are proposed. If we are interested in
    your presentation, we will contact you. Decisions of the Adult Services
    Department regarding events that meet the library’s current needs are final.
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  • Please note that the library maintains three meeting rooms which may be used by
    groups or individuals [who meet certain criteria] when not being used for library
    purposes. For more information about booking a meeting room, please visit our