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1. Name (or however you prefer to be addressed):
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3. Location:
4. Relationship Status: *
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6. Work, school, occupation:

Physical Description

7. Hair color/length: *
8. Eye color, glasses: *
9. Weight: *
10. Height: *
11. Body description (slender, atheletic, etc.): *
12. Shaved? Length? Any additional description you feel I should know: *
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Submissive Questionaire

The following questions will give me some insight as to the type of submissive you will be for me as well as letting me know your interests and pleasures.
13. Kinks: *
14. Limits: *
15. Days/Times you are avaliable/online (include time zone)? *
16. Pic, cam, or phone (Have/Willing to do): *
17. Are you willing to chat via e-mail and IM? *
18. Do you have any toys? *
19. Are you currently serving a Mistress? *
20. At any time do you serve multiple Mistresses? *
21. If so would you be willing to serve just one?
22. Do you have a problem serving a Mistress with multiple submissives? *
23. Do you have a problem serving a Mistress who will talk about you to her friends? *
24. Do you have a problem serving a Mistress who will show your picture to her friends? *
25. Regarding the previous questions (22-24), do any of them turn you on? If so, which ones and why? *
26. Do you require that every communication involve sex or play of some sort (Keeping in mind that odds are if I am talking to you I will likely end up purposefully or inadvertently teasing you at some point)? *
27. How much control will you give me starting off? For example if I sent you a pic or voice clip and required you to take pics, or at least e-mail me each time you used either would you be able to stick to that? (E-mails would require some description an *
28. How much control would you eventually be willing to give me? Understanding that trust takes time to build and I do not expect to be given full control until I have earned it. Where do you eventually see your ideal Domme/sub relationship going? *
29. Is there anything else you feel I should know about you? For example that you have never served a Mistress before? Deal breakers? Etc.? *
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