Cambridge High School
  • Name of student.
  • Promise:

    1. To abide by and not violate the laws of New Zealand.

    2. To abide by and not violate the rules and regulations of Cambridge High School and the homestay programme. This includes not owning or driving a car.

    3. To comply with instructions from the school administration.

    4. To avoid immoral behaviour.

    5. To take lessons in accordance with the curriculum set by the school, to study seriously, and to participate in sport and other activities where possible.

    6. To attend all scheduled classes. (A minimum of 85% attendance is essential to adequately complete the course. The student’s place to study at Cambridge High School may be reviewed if attendance is below 85%.)

    7. To accept all costs and expenses as my responsibility if I decide to return home.

    8. That I have never been removed from a previous school, institution or homestay and there have been no behaviour issues that may affect Cambridge High School’s decision to enrol me. (Failure to disclose may lead to exclusion from the school).

    9. To comply with homestay rules. In the event of a student requesting a new homestay placement, this change may incur an additional homestay placement charge. (To be decided by Senior Management on a case by case basis).

    10. I understand that during my stay I may be photographed, filmed or interviewed. I agree to allow my name, picture and voice likeness in print, electronic mail and media, photography, video/DVD, film and radio, to be used in any format required for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to the promotion of
    Cambridge High School, at no cost to Cambridge High School.

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  • I / We accept responsibility for the above-named for the period of enrolment, and will not make any protest or dispute against a decision made, or measure taken by the Principal of the school. We abide by the Principal’s decision to send the above-named to his/her home country if it is considered necessary.
    Students may be sent home for any of the following circumstances:
    • If the school fears for the safety of the student due to the student’s own behaviour.
    • If information provided on the enrolment form or any supporting documents, including school reports, or medical information, is untruthful or misleading.
    I / We agree to submit to the jurisdiction of New Zealand Courts and that New Zealand law will be applicable in any dispute.

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