ExpressVO Order

  • REVISION POLICY: Script Change = New Order!!

    UNAVAILABLE talent: Orders will not be accepted until their return.

    SCRIPT LIMIT: :60 second total per order! Short scripts may be consolidated into one order for the same talent/same product. Each order not to exceed 60 seconds!

    VO's are for commercial broadcast only. No Imaging VO's.

    Current Bookouts:
    Larry O'Brien: 3/7-3/16
    Kenny Allen: 3/14-3/16
    Trish Bell: 3/15-3/16
    Theresa Seiders: 3/16

    Upcoming Bookouts:
    Mike Martindale: 3/19-3/29
    Linda Cassidy: 3/23
    Trish Bell: 3/26-3/27
    Linda Cassidy: 3/29-3/30
    Jason Davis: 3/30
    Debbie Rogers: 4/2-4/27
    Kenny Allen: 4/4-4/6