Application To Serve
My application is simple and designed to give me an idea what you seek and what you offer in return. Remember, this is a power EXCHANGE. Neither of us should expect something for nothing. I will do my best to fulfill your fantasies, but you must expect to give to me in return.
  • - -
    For texting.
  • What are the usernames you have for the above accounts?
  • If you chose PM on a site, which site?
  • Be specific and tell me how your service will enrich my life.
  • Tell me what you hope serving me will bring to your life.
  • $
  • $
    Please Note
    Until this initial tribute is received or we have determined another type of service will be performed, you will not recieve more than cursory communication from me.
  • Instructions regarding how to send tribute will be sent when I receive this form.
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