Riding for Focus Program Application
Thank you for your interest in bringing the Riding for Focus Biking Program to your Middle School. We are excited to learn more about you and your school / school district. 

Before you apply, please be sure to review important information about the Riding for Focus program at www.SpecializedFoundation.org, including details about the 2017 application process and what you should know before applying. Once you've reviewed this information, please complete this form to the best of your ability. Our initial selection will be communicated by March 31st, 2017.

The application is organized in the following sections:

-School Information
-Program Organization
-Logistics and Environment
-Program Outcomes
  • School Information

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  • Please note that we are currently taking applications for middle schools in the United States only.
  • Motivation

    Responses to the following questions will be used to understand your motivations for and ideas about bringing a cycling program to your school.
  • Program Organization

    The cornerstone of the Riding for Focus program is our link between riding during the school day and academic performance. Running a consistent program and developing best practices that maximize on-bike riding time is essential to realizing the full benefits and outcomes.

    The following questions will help gauge how prepared your school is for meeting the program goals in terms of time spent on the bike, class size, and number of days a week students spend riding. We will prioritize schools that demonstrate they are able to make accommodations to help achieve these goals.
  • Physical Education Class Details

    We find the program works best when it is incorporated into the school's PE schedule. The following section will help us better understand your school’s physical education program.
  • Program Core Team

    An effective school biking core team is a key success factor to an enduring program. Ideally, the core team would include:

    1. Program Champion
    2. Administrative Sponsor
    3. Physical Education Leader
    4. Cycling Community Partner Support

  • Program Champion

    The Program Champion is necessary for the success of the cycling program. While this person will need support, s/he will be responsible for the organization and implementation of the program at the school. Further, the Champion is the main point of contact for The Specialized Foundation and its partners. Finally, the Champion will contribute to program success through developing best practices and tracking the outcomes.

    Below, please provide name, position, and contact information of the Program Champion.
  • Administrative Sponsor

    It is critical that the school administration supports the implementation of the Riding for Focus program. The Administrative Sponsor promotes the program by clearing obstacles that often hamper implementation, like simplifying scheduling issues, arranging bike storage, procuring supplemental funding, and ensuring compliance to liability insurance and legal regulations. A school principal/vice-principal or school district executive often serves this role.
  • Physical Education Leadership

    While the Program Champion serves as the catalyst for bringing a biking program to your school, the hard work of implementation falls largely to the Physical Education staff. Thus, support from a PE Leader is critical for success.

    While cycling experience is not a requirement, the PE Leader must be willing and able to participate in the curriculum training, demonstrate mastery of the training material, and bring this learning to staff and volunteers. Finally, the ideal leader would show a creativity and openness to tailoring the curriculum to meet the needs of your school.

    A Program Champion who is a PE teacher may serve both functions.
  • Community Partnerships

    We have found that community support is an invaluable to the success of the program. In the following section please describe the resources your school has available (parents, advocacy groups, local cycling clubs, bicycle retailers, etc.) and how you plan to engage them in this effort.
  • Sustainability

    In our review process, we look for schools that can deploy a sustainable program to impact as many students as possible. While we ask for a 2-year commitment, our hope is that the Riding for Focus program becomes a staple within your school and community.
  • Logistics, Environment and Communication

  • Storage

    One of our key learnings is that dedicated storage is imperative for program implementation, and the more accessible this storage area is for your PE Leader and students, the more time they will have for riding.
  • Riding Environment and Logistics

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  • Communication

  • Program Outcomes

    In order to ensure the continued success and growth of the Riding for Focus program, The Specialized Foundation, along with our partners, continuously measure and evaluate the efficacy of the curriculum and program implementation. This allows us to evolve and improve the program to assure the best possible outcomes.

    Selected schools play an integral role in this process by tracking program metrics, providing actionable feedback, and sharing their best practices.