Fresh Roots Farm Order Form - December 2017
Next Farm-to-Eater Delivery to Winnipeg:
Saturday, December 9, 3:00pm
south end of Vimy Ridge Park, 3:00pm

For sale this month: Pastured (alfalfa) raw honey (jars, pails), Raw buckwheat honey (jars, pails), holiday gift tags for honey, Barletta Beeswax candles & wax.

Please note that we are currently sold out of grassfed beef and lamb, but are taking pre-orders. Copy and paste this link to pre-order beef and/or lamb for delivery early 2018:

Delivery also available within Cartwright, Killarney
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  • Please specify where you would like to arrange for pick-up of your order.
    More details on pick-up locations will be provided closer to pick-up date.
  • Raw Honey

    Raw (unpasteurized) honey from our own apiary!

    Our Raw Honey is sourced primarily from alfalfa, clover & wildflower sources on southwest Manitoba prairie pastures.
  • How many 500g jars would you like?
  • How many 1kg jars would you like?
  • How many 3kg pails would you like?
  • How many 5 kg pails would you like?
  • Raw Buckwheat Honey

    NEW Limited Time Offer - available only through direct-from-farmer delivery
    Buckwheat honey is a dark, thick, rich varietal honey. It is less sweet than regular honey and comparable to molasses or maple syrup in its robust flavour. Buckwheat honey has higher concentrations of macronutrients, trace elements and anti-oxidant compounds.
  • NEW! Honey Jar Gift Labels

    For the first time, we are offering a bonus Fresh Roots Farm Gift Tag, to send a special message to a friend, family member or loved one! Personalize your gift with one or more of the following messages:
  • Eat, Drink and Bee Merry
    Happy Holidays to the Queen Bee
    How sweet it is to BEE loved by you!
    Thanks for BEE-ing a SWEET Teacher!
    I've got my mind on my honey and my honey on my mind
    You're the bees knees
    A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside
    I bee-lieve in you!
    Your sweetness is my weakness
    Input the number of how many of each tag you would like.
  • Beeswax Candles (Barletta Beeswax)

    Artisan quality candles of 100% pure & local beeswax and fine cotton wicking, made by Barletta Beeswax in Winnipeg. Also, pure refined beeswax available for you to make your own products! Clean and slow-burning, they purify the air and are beautiful as well. A fantastic by-product of the beekeeping process.
  • How many candles would you like?
    *Approx. 50 burning hrs
  • How many candles would you like?
    *Replica of Canada Mason Jar - perfect for canning enthusiasts!
  • How many packages of 6 would you like?
  • How many packages of 6 would you like?
  • How many bars would you like?
    *Bars are poured by volume and more or less 1lb per block
  • Our "Farm Fresh Gift to You" gift certificates are available in any denomination. Specify above how many you would like and for what denomination/value. *Must be picked up & paid for at pick-up spot.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about our products!

    Thank you very much for making an order and supporting our farm and livelihood! We would love to chat with you more about how we could serve you better, recommended recipes, and more!

    We will be in touch shortly to arrange pick-up for your order.