Soccer(605) Photo of the Year
Do you have a great digital photo that depicts what South Dakota Soccer means to you? An action shot, fun shot, silly shot, cut, all ages? Nominate for the "Photo of the Year"
  • Criteria:

    A digital photo submitted for the Soccer605 Photo of the Year Award must be:
    1) mailed on a DVD or electronically submitted to
    2) a still shot of a soccer activity that occurred between November 1, 2012 and October 31, 2013
    3) an image of an event sanctioned by the South Dakota State Soccer Association in U6-U19 groups. .
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  • Submit this Nomination form by November 8, 2013

    This nomination form should be submitted electronically by NOVEMBER 8TH. Along with this form send:

    1) A permission slip (email is acceptable) from the owner of each photo is required. If the person submitting the photo did not take the photo, permission from the owner of the digital image is necessary. The name and contact information of the owner needs to be included as well. AND
    2) Up to ten (10) digital images to Images must be in jpeg, gif or png format. Please RENAME images with the name of the photographer, such as John Doe. If submitting more than one, add a unique number for each. Along with the Age/Team that is the subject of the photo, INCLUDE PHOTO NAME IN THE AGE/TEAM blank on the nomination form. If all photos were taken by same photographer, may use one nomination form for up to 10 images. Enter 2013 Photo of the Year Nomination in subject line; OR
    3) Copy the images to a disk. Clearly label/name each photo with the name of the photographer, followed by number if multiple images from the same photographer. Send disk to:

    Soccer605 Photo of the Year Award
    Attn: Carol McKee
    901 S Colleen Lane
    Sioux Falls, SD 57106
  • The winner of the 2013 South Dakota Soccer(605) Photo of the Year will be considered for a power point slide show presentation and the winning image will be honored at the 2013 South Dakota Soccer Annual Banquet in Spearfish. The winning image will be submitted to US Youth Soccer for consideration in the slideshow presentation at the 2012 US Youth Soccer Awards Gala