Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Foster Application
Who is a Dachshund Foster Parent?

Someone who provides temporary, in-home care for friendly dachshund/dachshund mixes until they are adopted. In addition to affection, the foster parent provides basic care for the animals such as food, water, and shelter. When fostering a dog, the pet foster parent may teach him basic house manners. The pet foster parent may have to transport their foster animal to adoption events or have potential adopters visit the foster animal in their home.

Why are they needed?

We can only rescue as many animals as we have room and staffing for. Local animal shelters euthanize dozens of healthy and friendly animals each day to make space for the new ones coming in due to limited holding space. Local animal rescue groups have to turn away dozens of adoptable animals each week because they lack foster parents. ALL animals in foster homes eventually find permanent adoptive homes.

Who should foster a pet?

Someone who cannot, at the moment, adopt a pet for its entire lifetime.
Someone who is not sure how their current pet would get along with a new dog.

How long is a foster period?

The length of fostering can vary from a few days to several months.

Are there requirements people should be aware of before becoming pet foster parents?

The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue requires you to fill out our foster application. Once approved, we will conduct a home visit to be sure your home will be a safe environment for a doxie to stay. We prefer a fenced in yard and homes with few/no stairs but apartments and two-story homes are frequently approved as long as the foster parent agrees to be sure the doxies get plenty of leash walking and does not climb the stairs. We are looking for loving, passionate homes…not perfection.

How much does it cost to foster a dachshund?

That is the best part! When you foster for The Long Dog Retreat all medical care, heartworm and flea prevention is provided. An initial supply of dog food will be supplied and then you will be expected to provide food after that. High quality dog food costs about $45.00 per bag and that should last 1 dachshund about 2 months. We participate in a Pet Food Bank program, so we SHOULD be able to furnish you with dog food but cannot guarantee it.

The Good - By fostering you will be opening a space for a dog to come into rescue. You will be helping save a life!

The Bad - Many of the dogs we get are SENIORS, have MEDICAL ISSUES or have BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS. We VERY RARELY get cute, potty trained perfect puppies and when we do, they get adopted quickly. The more common dogs are about 7-9 years old, friendly but may have potty training challenges and frequently need spay/neuter and dental cleanings. We do not say this to discourage you but rather to be HONEST and UPFRONT. As a foster parent, you will be needed to help these dogs learn socialization skills with other dogs and people. We RECOMMEND crate training...even if it is something you would not do with your own dog because it helps with potty training and makes the dogs more adoptable. Some dogs hate crates but almost ALL can learn to eat in a crate and even sleep in a crate even if it isn't latched.

The UGLY - Dogs can and do bite. We have had several foster parents bitten by foster dogs. Fortunately, none have been serious but you need to be aware of this hazard. We suggest our foster parents to have some type of medical insurance and liability insurance. Dogs have been killed in Foster Care. So, far we have never had a foster dog kill a family pet but we have had family pets kill foster dogs. This has only happened twice and both times it was a case where the foster did not introduce the dogs the way it is recommended in training. Foster dogs also can die! Because we are not always giving truthful or complete information about the dogs, they can have medical conditions we are not aware of. This is NOT a reflection on you or your abilities but rather an unfortunate part of rescue. The important part is to be prepared and to know you are giving love and stability to an animal that may have not ever known love.

LOVE- Foster failure happens! Many times people fall in love with their fosters dogs. You HAVE the right to adopt your foster if you meet all of the requirements but you MUST LET US KNOW ASAP if you want to keep your foster dog.

TRAINING - There is MANDATORY TRAINING for foster parents.

TRANSPORT - Although you are not a transporter, you must be willing to drive the doggy to the veterinarian for checkups, shots and medical care. If you live in a remote area we can work with YOUR veterinarian so you do not have too far to travel.

UPDATES - You will be responsible for updating us on the foster dogs, including providing pictures.
  • - -
  • Answering No does not mean you cannot be a foster parent. It only prevents certain dogs from being placed.
  • Example...in a crate, in the kitchen.
  • If you do not have a vet, please write N/A
  • Check all that apply.
  • Unfortunately, our primary means of communication is via facebook at this time. We understand many people do not like/use facebook but in order to volunteer as a foster we require a FB profile. You can make your profile PRIVATE and only use it for fostering.