(S) Jenny Shinn Memorial Scholarship Application
Application Deadline is January 22, 2016
  • Instructions

    Read and follow the instructions carefully prior to submitting your application. When describing your level of involvement in music therapy, describe your involvement throughout your academic experience. All submissions must be received by 5pm on January 21, 2017, via electronic submission. Incomplete application forms will not be considered. You will receive a confirmation email stating that your application was successfully submitted. Should you have questions about your application, please email MARAMTSAdvisor@gmail.com.
  • Part 1: Personal Data

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  • Part 2: School and Internship Info

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  • Part 3: Involvement in Professional Activities

    Please provide specific and detailed information for the following questions. DO NOT USE PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION, such as your name, the name of your school or the name(s) of your professor(s) in this section of the application.
  • Part 4: Recommendations

    Please list three (3) professional references that we can contact regarding your application. These should be from one music therapy professor, one clinical supervisor and one person of your choice that has worked with your professionally - e.g. music professor, psychology professor, other clinician, etc...

    Please note that your references will be asked to fill out an online recommendation form in mid to late January 2017. If they fail to complete the form by the deadline provided, your application will be considered incomplete and therefore disqualified. Please be in contact with your references throughout the application process to ensure that this step is completed.
  • Part 5: Applicants E-signature

    By signing (typing in your legal name) in the space below, you are certifying that all information is correct and that you are the person completing this application. When you press the submit button, you will receive an email confirmation that your application was received. Please print for your records and retain as verification of your application.
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