Service Project Application
The community service program is a great opportunity to earn extra cash for you club, while providing a bonding experience for you club members. Community service projects are designed to get PCC students off-campus and into our local community, strengthening ties, providing networking opportunities and building a resource base for club members after leaving PCC!

Once per term a club can complete a service project for up to $250 in additional club funds. Below is the time-funding model, a list of service project qualifications, and the timeline to get your project approved. For questions or more information please contact the Clubs and Programs Office in SC 01A.

Time—Funding Model
10 hrs.— $85.00
20 hrs.—$170.00
30 hrs.—$250.00
Please note that hours are not the duration of the service project, but the number of person - hours completed. For example, if five club members work for six hours that equal 30hrs. The club qualifies for $250 in club funds.

Minimum qualifications for a service project
At least three club members must participate in the service project
The project must be at an office campus non-profit or community service location. For a complete list of volunteer opportunities please check service learning directory at:
The project must be at least 10 hrs to qualify for funds.

Timeline for petitioning for a service project

AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR PROJECT complete part one of this form and submit it to the Clubs and Programs Advisor for approval. They can review your target goals and make sure your project meets the minimum requirements.
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  • Identify Three Goals of the Project

    Please list each goal separately.
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