Soccer(605) Save of the Year
  • Criteria:

    With this: Criteria

    A video clip submitted for the Soccer605 Save of the Year Award must be:

    1) submitted only as a clip and may be electronically submitted via attachment in an email to Please list in subject line “2013 Save of the Year Nomination”
    2) no more than 60 seconds
    3) of a save that occurred between November 1, 2012 and October 31, 2013; and
    4) for a save by a player of South Dakota Soccer Association in the U6-U18 age groups
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  • Submit this Nomination form by November 8, 2013

    This nomination form should be submitted electronically by NOVEMBER 8th. Along with this form send:

    1) A permission slip (email is acceptable) from the owner of the video (the person who actually filmed the footage).
    2) Unedited, original video clip in .mov (Quicktime) format to Enter 2013 Save of the Year Nomination in subject line; or
    3) Burn the video to a CD/DVD or a DVD (cued to the specific save) and send to:

    Soccer605 Save of the Year Award
    Attn: Carol McKee
    901 S Colleen Lane
    Sioux Falls, SD 57106
  • The winner of the 2013 South Dakota Soccer(605) Save of the Year will be honored at the 2013 South Dakota Soccer Annual Banquet in Spearfish, and will be submitted to US Youth Soccer for consideration of the National Save of the Year