Welcome to the Georgia Bowhunters and Archery Association (GBAA) State Championship Online Registration. To be used for pre-registration of an individual shooter for selected championship (Dates, location and shooting times as indicated else where). Submittal of this form will constitute a good faith intent to participate in selected championship. Shooters must check in at arrival to finalize registration. Payment of registration fees due will be expected on or prior to check-in. Completed registration form will be sent to the GBAA State Secretary upon submittal and must be completed a minimum of 36 hours prior to start of tournament.

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 2013 State 3-D Championship (Gainesville) 
Adult Division
 Bowhunter Freestyle 
 Freestyle/BH Freestyle Limited 
  Freestyle Limited Recurve/Longbow 
 Traditional Modern 
 Traditional Wood on Wood 
Senior Division (50 or older)
Silver Senior Division (60 or older)
Master Senior Division (70 or older)
Youth Divisions
 Young Adult (15-17) 
 Youth (12-14) 
 Cub (8-11) 
Youth Shooting Style
 Freestyle Limited 
  Freestyle Limited Recurve/Longbow 
 BowHunter Freestyle 
Guest Class
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