South Dakota State Soccer Association
submit by October 12th

    The individual shall be selected for extraordinary accomplishments as a soccer coach if the individual...
    (1) Coached at least one season during the seasonal year immediately prior to the seasonal year for which the individual is being nominated.
    (2) Is coaching during the seasonal year for which the nomination is being made; and
    (3) Coached and is coaching for a member/club team of South Dakota State Soccer Association.
  • The four nominations are listed below. Select only one category.
  • Complete information below. Fields with an asterisk are required.
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  • Criteria:

    Responses to each of the following 4 criteria should be kept to a maximum of 400 words each.
  • (1) Sportsmanship

    Does the coach promote sportsmanship? Does the coach instill sportsmanship in his/her players and parents beyond soccer? Are players encouraged to be respectful of opponents and the game? Does the coach practice what he/she preaches?
  • (2) Player Development

    Are players motivated to learn and play to the extent of their ability? Does the coach create a training environment that allows for enthusiasm, creativity and self-confidence? Are players encouraged to seek higher competition? Does the coach encourage players to play on their own, or play in "pick-up" games?
  • (3) Personal Coaching Development

    Briefly, what is the nominee's coaching philosophy? What courses or licenses has the coach taken to continue his/her education? How does the coach learn about the game in other ways? Is the nominated coach a leader?
  • (4) Involvement in Community

    Is the coach active in the soccer community? Does the coach postively influence soccer beyond his own team or club? Is the coach open to new ways of teaching? How does the coach promote the game?
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  • Submit this Nomination form by October 12th

    This nomination form should be submitted by OCTOBER 12TH. Along with this form, email the following to office@southdakotasoccer.com:
    (1) A soccer summary of the nominee, including years coached, licenses/cerficates held, achievements.
    (2) At least one but no more than three letters of recommendation.
  • The winners of each of the 55 State Associations will be forwarded for regional nomination and possible national nomination as the 2013 US Youth Soccer Coach of the Year in each of the four categories. Regional nominees will be honored at the 2014 US Youth Soccer Workshop in Phildelphia.