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Leadership Victoria (LV) runs several leadership programs that offer participants a chance to be matched with a mentor.

Programs can largely be categorised into Community based (e.g New & Emerging Communities Leadership Program); Professional Development or Not-For-Profit Board mentoring programs. Community and Professional Development programs have 1:1 mentor-mentee relationships; Board mentoring is usually 1 mentor to the entire Board, requiring very experienced mentors.

If you would like to express interest in participating in these programs as a mentor for 2017, please respond to the questions below.

If you have mentored in a program in 2016 (excludes NECLP Women's Networking), you need only to complete Name and Email details as we will have your responses on file. In other fields marked as required, please just type in 2016 unless you wish to update the information previously supplied.

As dates for programs are confirmed, you will be contacted and your availability for that program sought.

To learn more about these mentoring opportunities, please contact Leadership Victoria at or visit
  • Personal details

  • E.g. Williamson Community Leadership Program 1999; Board Leadership Program 2006
  • Your introduction

    Each mentor in our program will be introduced to their matched participant with a short introductory paragraph.

    You could include a brief summary of your areas of professional expertise and interest, your leadership experience, or anything else relevant to this program which you would like your matched participant to know.
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  • Selection of mentors

    Mentor selection will be based on the criteria below. Please provide a brief statement against each criteria.
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  • Your mentoring competencies

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