University Square Housing Application 2018-2019
1. Your $150 Security Deposit will be transferred from your current housing community. The deposit is refundable before your lease is signed and then will be held by management for the term of the lease.

2. Accommodations are limited and will be leased on a first come first serve basis. The acceptance of this application does not insure an accommodation. An accommodation is reserved only upon receipt of the $400 prepayment fee and execution of the lease agreement by all parties. Rates/installments, fees and utilities included are subject to change. Rates/installments do not represent a monthly rental amount (and are not prorated), but rather the total base rent due for the lease term divided by the number of installments.
  • Steps for confirming Housing

    1. Complete this application.
    2. Pay $400 prepayment fee.
    3. Upon receipt of $400 prepayment fee a lease will emailed out within 24-48 hours.
    4.Resident and Guarantor execute lease agreement.
  • Applicant Resident Information

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  • Do Not Enter the "P" in your Student ID #
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  • In order to be a University Square resident, you must be a Junior or above with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Example: 123A
  • Guarantor Information

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  • Floor Plan Options

    Please select you desired floor plan option in order of preference.
  • 4 Bedroom + 4 Bathroom (2 Installments of $3,112)
    2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom Standard (2 Installments of $3,328)
    2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom Deluxe (2 Installments of $3,397)
    2 Bedroom + 2.5 Bathroom Townhome (2 Installments of $3,490)
    First Installment due on or before July 1, 2017