2017 Commission Information - Cycle 4

PLEASE read this before submitting your inquiry:
I currently am on limited time to work each day, so where I would normally finish a commission in a matter of days might now be a week or more. Please understand this before you submit your information, especially if it's a time-sensitive commission. [ie. a gift for birthday or a holiday/wedding/etc]

✦ Please ensure you have enough references for your character.
✦ Failure to supply me with proper references may result in me not accepting your request.
✦ I will [try to] respond to all inquiries within one day of submitting.

Please keep in mind that pricing is per character in a single illustration.
[If it's $20 for one, assume it's $40 for two.]

Thank you for your interest! The form will close once all spots are filled or if I'm feeling overwhelmed with work.
  • What would you like me to call you?
    Oddly I cannot erase the option for a last name, so just put something in there... Like; your preferred pronoun?
    [Feel free to use an alias.]
  • My reply will be sent from a Gmail account.
    Please ensure you do not block/spam Gmail accounts.
  • Your PayPal email address; to where I send the invoice.
    [Type "Same" if it's the same as your Email address.]
  • So that I may link to you appropriately.
  • [Limit of three characters in any illustration type.]
  • Use this box to describe your character!
    I appreciate links to RP pages, and references as well!

    [NOTE: If you are requesting a World of Warcraft character, PLEASE link to me your Armory or links to the specific pieces of armor thru Wowhead! Screenshots are useless to me..]

    If you do not have an exact image of reference for your character please try to be as detailed as possible with the description concerning the appearance and colors.
    ['cerulean-green' is far more descriptive than 'green'.]

    You may also link me references to clothing/armor/etc to base the design on.

    I have a separate form for this, so please go to that one!
  • What would you like your character to be doing?
    Please at least give me an idea of what you would like to see. I will supply at least four poses for you to pick from.

    I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from saying "You pick a pose!", because of... reasons.
  • I am currently only doing LIMITED prop items and NO BACKGROUNDS at the moment.
    This is 100% OPTIONAL.
    [Leave it blank if you just want a pin-up illustration.]

    If you would like a background or some element of design other than your character [ie; props, chairs, rocks, etc] please fill this section in.

    Please keep in mind that background elements do cost extra, based on what they are and the amount that you want. They are priced as the "Extra Elements & Detail" as specified on the commission site.
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