IFRM Australia AIR17
Australian International Ride 2017
Registration for Australian Members

Each rider of a motorcycle should fill in the questions below please:
  • Event Shirt

  • Pillion Passenger

    Will you be accompanied by a Pillion Passenger?
    If so please supply full name, next of kin and next of kin's telephone number.
  • What will you be riding?

  • Make, Model and Rego of the motorcycle you will be riding.
    If you are commencing and/or finishing in Sydney, please advise if you have a Toll account, otherwise arrangements will be made with the Toll operators using your Rego number
  • Which Days will you be riding?

  • Please select which full days you will be joining the ride.
    Ride days begin at 7am, and end at 5pm.
  • Payment Details

  • $
    AIR 17 registration cost is priced per motorcycle participating. Each motorcycle includes one nominated rider and one nominated pillion passenger (if applicable).

    All participating Motorcycles and nominated Riders and Pillions must be registered.
    Every motorcycle registered before the registration cut-off date of 15th September 2017, and for which a minimum registration fee of $70.00 has been paid, will entitle the rider to one complementary AIR17 commemorative shirt (“shirt”). Additional shirts for registered riders or their accompanying pillion passengers can be purchased for an additional $45.00 each.

    Discrete pricing points for partial and full motorcycle registrations is:
    • 1-3 days $60.00
    • 4 to 7 days $100
    • 8 to 10 days $150
    • 11 to 15 days $200

    Important Notes:

    1. Any motorcycle that joins in the ride for less than a day (as defined in note 2 below) and/or has not paid a minimum $60 registration fee is not entitled to a complementary shirt.
    2. ‘A Day’ for the purposes of determining the pricing points is measured as follows: When a motorcycle and its rider, registered as an AIR17 participant, participates in all or part of the group activities in any 24 hour period (measured 6 p.m. to 6 p.m.) from Tuesday 31st October 2017 to Wednesday 15th November 2017, and where the rider stays overnight in the proximity of the group at a place not being the rider’s normal residence.
    3. All shirts must be pre-ordered and sizing specified at time of registration and in any circumstances no later than registration cut-off date. Failure to do so means forfeiture of the right to get a shirt. All shirts are made to order and there is no refund or exchange possible for wrong sizing.
    4. Any person not registered for AIR17 who coincidentally participates with the AIR17 group merely by attending the IFMRA-AGM weekend in Ballarat will not have to pay a registration fee nor be entitled to a shirt.
    5. Once registration is made and paid, and after the registration cut-off date has passed, there is no refund entitlement for failure to participate in part or all of the AIR17 event. Any refund if any, would only be made on a gratuitous basis and and at such amount as determined by the sole discretion of the AIR17 ride committee.
    6. If after registration and before or during the AIR17 event a registered rider substitutes the nominated motorcycle he/she wishes to use then that AIR17 registration will record that motorcycle change without additional cost.
    7. If before or during the event a rider wishes to increase the number of days they wish to participate, and as a result that would mean a higher register fee should otherwise apply
    then they will be liable to pay the incremental amount to meet that higher total registration fee forthwith and before participating further.

    If you make any changes to your registered days, please advise our Secretary Smithy, before or during the ride, thanks.
  • Payment Method

    Having calculated your cost, please forward a cheque or transfer the funds to our Treasurer Franz at treasurer@ifmraustralia.org

    You will be emailed a Paid Invoice/Receipt of payment for registration.

    IFMR-Australia Banking Details:
    Commonwealth Bank
    BSB: 064 451
    Account No. 1024 6484
    **Important: (please use your name as reference)


    Forward a Cheque made out to:
    6 Alistair St
    Cardigan Village. Victoria. 3352
  • Accommodation

  • Will you be using ‘Garners Motorcycles’ for your accommodation.
    If you are not using Garners Motorcycles you will be managing your own accommodation throughout the ride.
  • Submission

    After submission and payment you will be emailed a Paid Invoice/Receipt of payment for registration.

    Contact us if you do not receive that receipt.
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