UH Hilo Division of Student Affairs - S.T.A.R. Awards (Staff that Are Remarkable) Nomination Form

The "GO TO" Award:This award exemplifies a person to whom others turn to for help or support. Characteristics of a "Go To" person include: diligent, selfless, consistent, pitch in to help, reliable, gets it done, team player, behind the scenes, If can... Can!

The "Work Smarter" Award:This award exemplifies a person who directs their time and energy for the greatest impact by incorporating new ideas, technology, and other strategies to maximize a positive impact on the Campus Community. Characteristics of a "Work Smarter" person include: creative, thinks outside the box, innovative, change agent, fearless, cutting edge, idea person, progressive.

The "Positivity" Award:This award exemplifies a person whose positive attitude and outlook directly affect students and the greater Campus Community. Characteristics of a "Positivity" person include: positive energy, inspiring, aloha spirit, optimistic, cheerleader, encouraging, happy, calm in a crisis, collaborative, fun, takes lemons and makes lemonade.

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You may nominate one person per award. Please return to the online nomination page to submit a new form for each nominee. Prior year awardees are not eligible for nomination.