SCHOOL PLACE - Further information
Please complete a form for each child you are requiring a place for.
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    Details of child
  • Please give details here
    Date the school place is required:
    Current School:
    Name of Class teacher:
    Name of Headteacher:
    If your child has already left the school, please give the date they last attended:
    Attendance: Please ask the school for your child’s current attendance for this academic year:
    Attendance: Please ask the school for your child’s attendance for the last academic year:
    Is your child receiving additional support for Special Educational or behavioural needs: Please give brief outline.
  • Does your child have an Education, Health Care Plan (statement of SEN)
    Has your child been permanently excluded from this or any previous school?
    Has your child ever been on a reduced timetable?
    Has your child ever received a fixed term exclusion from this or any previous school?
  • You only need to complete this section if your child/ward is or has ever been in the care of a local authority

  • If yes, please provide a copy of your adoption certificate or special guardianship order.
  • Other services (e.g social care, youth offending team)
    School attendance
  • Please note

    In order to ensure the best possible support and provision for your child, Hordle Primary School may contact any services supporting your child for additional information before processing your application.

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