LaSalle Speedway Credential Request
Tony Izzo Jr.
Fax: (779) 201-5199 Office: (815) 223-6900
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  • Any individual wishing to receive credentials must promote this event 2 weeks prior on its Facebook page or website by posting previous video or photos of this event, inviting fans to this event, or by writing and publishing an article regarding this event. Individuals receiving approval will be asked to pay HALF the price of events pit pass entry cost if not already negotiated with our office. I will provide a disc or copy of all photos to the LaSalle Speedway. I grant the LaSalle Speedway permission to use my photographs in any/all publications. This is to include but not limited to website, promotional materials, advertising material, etc. without compensation or any other consideration perpetuity. I also hereby authorize LaSalle Speedway to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute these photographs. I agree not to sell these photographs or any other items at/on LaSalle Speedway property without your approval.
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