Promotion Request Form
Submit this at least two weeks before your promotional materials need to be OUT.
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  • What do you need people to know about your event? We'll use this info for blurbs on your promotional materials.
  • Marketing Plan

    What resources do you want to use to get the word out?
  • Some resources subject to approval and availability. For example, class raps may not be available for your event alone, and the moderators of MyPCC may not approve an announcement.
    *Sandwich boards are ONLY the Comm Team's responsibility when you physically cannot make or carry them yourself.
  • Are you planning on making some of your own materials, e.g., sandwich boards? Be specific so that our work doesn't overlap.
  • Existing Materials

    If you've already made a poster or flyer, submit it here. If you want us to make your poster, you may include specific graphics for it if you so choose.
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