Call For Submission 2017
FMEC Annual Meeting: Call For Submission

    Definition of a Medical Student Presenter and a Scholarship Recipient:
    An individual who is currently enrolled as a Year 1, 2, 3, or 4 full-time student in a medical school program at the time of their submission, and when they present at the FMEC Annual Meeting. Only Year 1, 2, 3 or 4 full-time students currently enrolled in a medical school are eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend the FMEC Annual Meeting.

    Please note, we do not offer a one-day registration fee.

    Fax submissions are not acceptable.

    Communication will occur with each author for whom an e-mail address is provided.
    Deadline for receipt of Faculty and Resident Call For Submissions is May 1, 2017.

    Deadline for receipt of Medical Student Poster Submissions is August 1 2017
    (NOTE: No faculty or resident submissions will be accepted after May 1st)

    To view the Sessions Description document, please cut and paste the following link into your address bar:
  • Title is limited to 200 characters or fewer.
  • Author Information: Up to Five (5) Authors will be printed in the final program

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  • Limit Abstract to 100 words or fewer. FMEC reserves the right to revise any Abstract over 100 words.
  • NOTE: PowerPoint Slides will not be accepted. Please submit your Proposal in paragraph format. Only word processing document saved as a PDF (.pdf) are acceptable. FMEC reserves the right to reject any submission failing to follow this format.

    Note: Incomplete proposals will not be accepted into the requested category and will automatically be downgraded to another category.

    WORKSHOP and SEMINAR Proposals MUST include:
    • Statement of rationale and objectives
    • Content of the presentation
    • Methods for and extent of involving participants
    • Breakdown of time utilization

    RESEARCH PRESENATION Proposals MUST include:
    • Statement of problem addressed and its significance
    • Background and summary of the literature review
    • Methodology used with attention to research design and problems of measurement
    • Summary of results
    • Summary of discussion and conclusions

    • Statement of rationale and intent
    • Summary of the content

    POSTER Proposals MUST include:
    • Statement of rationale
    • Methods and content
    • Findings and conclusions for research projects

    SPEED PRESENTATION Proposals MUST include:
    • Statement of rationale and intent
    • Summary of the content
  • The conference is charged a fee for all A/V equipment. Please be judicious with “other” requests.

    All presentation rooms will have a laptop, LCD Projector, and one (1) flip-chart provided. PC external speakers are not provided. Presenters using MAC personal computers are expected to provide their own equipment and accessories.

  • All presentation rooms will have 1 laptop, 1 LCD Projector, 1 Presentation "Clicker," and 1 Flip-Chart provided.
  • Disclosure Information

  • MORE INFORMATION: For questions regarding the receipt of your submission contact: Ms. Lisa Schwieterman
    (937) 845-3503, E-mail:

    For questions regarding conference information or to discuss your proposal contact:
    Laurence Bauer, MSW, MEd (937) 428-7866