Great Expectations Entry Form 2018
Each entry must have a separate entry form. Appropriate Paypal transaction fees can be used for two (2) entries.
  • Include area code or country code.
  • If you want us to refer to you in official correspondence (including finalist/winner announcements) by a pen name, please provide it here.
  • Please check all that apply. This is so that we can, to the best of our ability, assign judges to your entry who do not know you or your work.
  • Payment Information

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  • Entry

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    If you plan to submit the same manuscript in a second category, you must complete a separate entry form.
  • Please select the sub-category that best describes your entry.
  • If you are entering the Contemporary Series category and would like to specify which line your manuscript would target, please do so.
  • The heat level should be based on the 5,000 words of your entry in order to match appropriate judges. If the first 5,000 words has no references to sex, it should be considered "warm," even if the rest of the book has tension, banter and sex throughout.

    Headers: manuscript title and heat level (warm, medium, hot or EX hot) on left, page number on right.

    Example: Your Title / medium
  • Please upload your entry in .doc or .docx format.

    Remember that your entry must be appropriately formatted:
    * 1 inch margins
    * Times New Roman 14-point font
    * Headers: manuscript title and heat level (warm, medium, hot, or EX hot) on left, page number on right. Example: Your Title / medium

    The title of the file should be your last name (or the last name of your pen name, if appropriate) and the manuscript title.

    For example: Smith-AwesomeStory.docx
  • Contestant Agreement

    I certify that this entry is my original work and that, at the time of submission, it has not been accepted for publication.

    I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the official rules of the Great Expectations Contest. I further understand and agree that any questions regarding the interpretation of the official rules will be decided by the contest officials, and I will accept as final the decision of the contest officials in any such matters. I also realize and accept that manuscript judging is subjective by nature. Accordingly, I will accept and abide by the decisions of any judges and/or contest officials regarding winners for the contest. I understand and accept that ideas and titles cannot be copyrighted.

    I specifically agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and reimburse North Texas RWA and its contest personnel and/or judges, on demand, for all loss, cost, or expenses incurred in connection with either:
    a) Any dispute arising from my participation in the Great Expectations Contest, or
    b) Any other dispute arising from circumstances beyond the control of the contest officials.

    My electronic signature on this Contestant’s Agreement shows that I accept as reasonable the statements I have made above. I am agreeing to this Contestant’s Agreement in consideration that North Texas RWA, the contest officials, and the contest judges are relying on the truth and sincerity of my statements. I further realize that my contest entry will not be accepted if I do not show my acceptance of this Contestant’s Agreement by checking the box below.