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 Student Body President  
 Director of Legislative Affairs 
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 Club Programs Coordinator  
 Phi Theta Kappa Officer  
 Bike Program Coordinator  
 Bike Program Mechanic 
 International Student Programs Coordinator 
 Black Student Union - Club Diversity Retention Coordinator  
 Native Nations - Club Diversity Retention Coordinator  
 Veteran's Student Association - Club Diversity Retention Coordinator  
 MEChA - Club Diversity Retention Coordinator  
 Queer Club - Club Diversity Retention Coordinator  
 Recovery 101 - Club Diversity Retention Coordinator  
 QRC Co-coordinator- Opperations and Programs 
 QRC Co-coordinator- Community Relations & Education 

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1) What experience do you have in the area for which you are applying? List activities you have participated in that may help you in this position.

2) What is your personal definition of self-discipline, accountability, and teamwork as they relate to this position?

3) What would you contribute to this position and its responsibilities?

4) Describe how you set and accomplished a short or long term goal.

5) Consider your schedule and the hours that are required for the position you are applying for. How do you see the position's hourly requirements fitting into your personal schedule?
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 I will be enrolled in at least six (6) credits per term at PCC Cascade, for the entire 2016-2017 school year. 
 I will maintain at least a 2.5 GPA while a member of the student council. 
 I have read and understand the job descriptions and application form. 
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