Hordle Hub - Autumn Term 2017
REMINDER: Please complete a form for each child! As well as completing this form, you must pay for clubs online.

EXTERNAL CLUBS: Please sign up directly with the clubs. CLICK HERE to view external club information.
  • My child would like to attend
    Y1/2 Infant Choir (Monday Morning) £12.50
    HSA Y3-6 Energy Club (Wednesday Morning) £12.50
    HSA Y3-6 Hordle Hares Running Club (Thursday Morning) £11.25
  • My child would like to attend
    HSA Y1/2 Netball Tots (Monday Lunchtime) £12.50
    HSA Y3 Netball Minis (Monday Lunchtime) £12.50
    HSA Y4 Netball Minis (Tuesday Lunchtime) £12.50
    HSA - Y1/2 Multi-Skills (Wednesday Lunchtime ) £12.50
    HSA - Y3/4 Multi-Sports (Wednesday Lunchtime ) £12.50
  • My child would like to attend
    Knit and Natter (Monday after school) (Y5-6) - finishes at 4.15pm £18.00
    Y1-6 Go Wild Gardening Club (Monday after school) £18.00
    Y3-6 Chess Club (Monday after school) £18.00
    Y4-6 Fun Fit (Monday after school ) £18.00
    HSA Y3/4 Quicksticks (Tuesday after school) - finishes at half term £10.00
    HSA Y5/6 Hordle Netball (Tuesday after school) £20.00
    HSA Y1-3 Funky Dance (Tuesday after school) £20.00
    Y1-3 Gym Club (Wednesday after school) £18.00
    HSA Y1/2 Yoga Bugs (Thursday after school) finishes at 4.15pm £18.00
    Y3-6 Homework Club (Thursday after school) £18.00
    Y1/2 Construction Club (Thursday after school) £18.00


    For the safety of your child we ask that you observe the following strict protocols:
    - Permission for absence from a Hordle Hub club may only be granted by a parent / carer. This includes those children who have 'walk home' permission and children who attend clubs before school.
    - A message should be left on the school answer phone for children who will be absent from a club before school.  If your child does not turn up for a club either before school or after school we will consider them missing and will instigate our 'missing child' procedures which are always very worrying for both school and home and may involve the police.
    - Please ensure that all childminders, friends, family members etc, who pick up your children, are aware of this protocol.
    Thank you for co-operating with these guidelines which are, as always, designed solely to keep your children safe. 
  • Medical Declaration

  • Pick up protocol