YALSA Outstanding Achievement Award
  • This award of $2,000 is funded by ABC-CLIO/Greenwood and is given out every other year (applications are accepted during odd years only). This award is for an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to teen services or to YALSA.

    All persons being nominated must be current personal members of ALA/YALSA at the time the application is submitted to be eligible. The nominator does not need to be a member of ALA or YALSA unless they are nominating themselves.

    Nominations must be submitted online by December 1 in odd-numbered years.

    An award jury will evaluate each nominee based on outstanding contribution(s), innovative ideas and breadth of influence that have had a significant and lasting impact on youth services or YALSA. Please take the time to provide as much detail as possible below, so the jury has the information it needs to make an informed decision. Incomplete applications will not be considered. This award is not for a single achievement, but for a compelling body of work or group of achievements occurring over the course of an individual's career.

    The winner will be announced by a YALSA press release the second week of Feb. If a suitable candidate is not found, the jury will remain active and present an award the following year.
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