Rutgers Scarlet Honor Council Application
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    Attach your resume in PDF or Microsoft Word format.
  • Please submit PDF or MS Word documents only.
  • Please give your thoughts on the following case study. Identify the individuals you feel have violated the Code of Conduct, as well as the sanction you believe they should receive. You may refer to the Code of Student Conduct and/or the Academic Integrity Policy to frame your answer. Include a rationale for your answer.

    James had been stressed the past few weeks. Despite knowing that he had a midterm worth 40% of his total course grade on Monday, James decided to go out on Saturday night. He told himself that he would study on Sunday. However, for most of the day Sunday, James slept in and was lethargic. Though he made an attempt at looking over the materials, he was unable to retain much.

    On Monday, James saw his friend Karen and explained the situation to her. He then asked if she would allow him to look over her exam before she handed hers in just to “check his answers.” Karen reluctantly obliged.
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