Please read and review the following questions/prompts and respond in the space provided. There are no right answers! This is just a chance for you to tell us who you are and what calls you to this body of work at this time.
  • Please contact our office at 303-415-0272 or with your questions about the application & registration process.
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  • Please add date of birth.
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  • Please let us know who referred you to us or if you found us online or in print media...

    In order to understand your call to this work, your personal needs and individual inspirations, please respond to the following questions:
  • Please briefly describe your life calling, work and/or studies at this time. Include name of workplace, school, or other organizations you are working with, if applicable.
  • Why do you desire to participate in Surfing the Creative at this time in your life?
  • NOTE: If you are hoping to attend this camp or training and have not studied with Melissa, please list other related programs that offer you a foundation in the somatic and movement arts. Include the name of the program, the teacher you studied with and the approximate number of hours.
  • Please describe.