NAMI-Florida Training Approval Request
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  • Signature Program

    Select the program which applies to this request.
  • Course Trainers and Coordinators:

    Please list the names, email address and preferred phone number of your trainers.

  • Trainer #2:

    National requires two trainers for the following programs: Basics; Connection (if over 6 trainees); Ending the Silence; Family-to-Family; Family Support Group (if over 6 trainees); Home Front; In Our Own Voice; Peer-to-Peer

  • Coordinator:

    National requires an on-site coordinator must be availabile for the following programs: Peer-to-Peer, In Our Own Voice and Connection. If this individual is someone other than the primary contact listed above, please provide the following information.

    All affiliates are encouraged to recruit a volunteer to assist teachers in the coordination of their signature programs.
  • Outside Affiliates:

    If this training is offered to outside affiliates, the sponsoring affiliate will be responsible for setting a registration fee, what is included in the fee and notification to interested affiliates.

    NAMI Florida's Education Committee will list all approved courses offered to outside affiliates through the NAMI Florida website.

  • Reporting:

    The indivdual below is responsible for reporting training data to NAMI Florida's Education Committee within one week of the training. If not listed above please include an email address and phone #.
  • It is imperative that all completed classes are reporting on the education data collection site. If you need assistance with this, please refer to the attached instructions in your manual. NAMI FL and NAMI National will be able to collect their necessary data from there. NAMI Florida will no longer be collecting copies of teacher or participant evaluations, but requests a copy of the final class list. Your affiliate will want to retain the final class list as part of the affiliate's records.
  • Screening Process:

    Please indicate the individual responsible for screening applicants and describe the screening process. If the individual is different than the contact or coordinator listed above, include their name and email address. Candidates from outside affiliates must have the approval of either the affiliate president or executive director.
  • This box is limited to 300 words.
  • Agreement:

    As a designated representative of the above named affiliate, I understand that all NAMI programs are copyrighted.

    The named affiliate will adhere to the Program Operating Policies and Code of Conduct (as linked here) and offer this training according to these policies as outlined in the course materials.

  • Yes No
    I am in agreement with the above terms.
  • We will follow-up with confirmation. Please feel free to contact Donna Helsel if you have specific questions.

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