Club Registration Form - Quad-Cities Campus
The Student Life Office is pleased that you are choosing to organize a club. In addition to your club registration submission, the following is also required to be considered an official club/orientation:
1. Schedule and attend a mandatory meeting with the Chair of the Inter-Club Council
2. Submit a hard copy of your Club Constitution
3. Submit a hard copy of your club’s Advisor Agreement Form
For additional assistance, contact the Student Life Office at 309-796-5467, e-mail or visit the Student Life Office website:

Please complete the following:
The club’s name and purpose should be educational and in line with the mission of the Student Life Office and Black Hawk College. For examples please refer to the club listing on the Student Life Office website listed above.
  • Select ONE heading:

    Select the category that best fits your club. For example, if your club is associated with Art Department, you will select Departmental/Career/Major option.

  • Registered Members

    Clubs are required to have a minimum of five (5) students to organize referred to as “registered members” who are currently enrolled and in good academic standings. The Student Life Office will verify this information and create a club e-mail list serv.
  • Registered member #1:

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  • Registered member #2:

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  • Registered member #3:

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  • Registered member #4:

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  • Registered member #5:

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  • Advisor

    Clubs are required to have an advisor who is a non-student Black Hawk College faculty or staff member on the Quad-Cities Campus. Clubs have the option to have more than one advisor. Please list advisors below.