GSOC Trainer Interest
Do you have experience as a leader or camping skills you’d like to share? The GSOC Training Team is a fun group of volunteers just like you who have a passion for sharing Girl Scout knowledge. We have trainer openings for all classes. We value your experience! Let us know you're interested by completing the Council Trainer Interest online form!
  • Purpose, Term and Accountability of Position

    To facilitate learning opportunities of the highest quality consistent with the philosophy of Volunteer Development in Girl Scoiuting and which meet the identified needs of the Council and its volunteers.
    A GSOC Trainer is appointewd by the Volunteer Development manager for a one-year term; eligible for reappointment, and accountable to the Volunteer Development Manager.
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    Which classes would you like to be contacted about training?
  • Uninterested Mildly Interested Interested
    Daisy Essentials
    Brownie Essentials
    Junior Essentials
    Cadette Essentials
    Senior/Ambassador Essentials
    Troop Tent Camping
    Outdoor Cooking
    Knots & Lashing
    Maps & Compass
    Songs, Games & Ceremonies
    Volunteer Essentials
    Product Sales
    Highest Awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold
    Facilitating Webinars
    Journeys (On The Road)

    Please share the name of another adult Girl Scout volunteer who has seen you in action:
  • If you have signed a Council Trainer Position Description (available on the Volunteeer Network or by request from you may attach a signed copy by clicking "Add File" above.
  • Once you have been added as a member of the GSOC training team, you can be added to the private FaceBook group. You can instigate the process by requesting admission at: