Lucy Monroe Reader Fitness Challenge Registration
Sign up for the 2012 Lucy Monroe Reader Fitness challenge and get fit in time for swimsuit season!

*All weight and measurement values must be submitted in pounds and inches.

*Taking your measurements is optional, but they must be included here if you wish to be considered for the prize for most inches lost.

*If you are already a MyFitnessPal member, please provide your User Name so that you can be added to a Team Captain's roster. If you are not and wish to be a member of a team - go to and register for free. There is also an app available for smart phones.

*Instructions and reminders for prize eligibility will be emailed to you upon receipt of your completed registration form. But please be aware that in order to be eligible for the Nook reader, you must provide a *current* and unedited full body photo of yourself and one at the end of the competition to Lucy Monroe via email by the date specified on the Lucy Monroe Reader Fitness Challenge web page.
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