Committee/Task Force Quarterly Reporting Form
All committee and task force chairs, both virtual and face-to-face, should submit a report summarizing committee meetings and activities since the last reporting period.

Committee/task force meeting minutes or notes also need to be uploaded to your committee/task force space in ALA Connect in order to maintain a history of proceedings and ensure a smooth transition for the next chair and committee. Additionally, this allows all ALSC members interested in your committee/task force work to access reports.

If your committee is a professional or book and media award committee, please do not include confidential information.

Additionally, if you are experiencing any sensitive issues, challenges, members who are not participating at an effective level, or wish to highlight particular work or recommend a committee member for exemplary service please send a separate email the ALSC President with a copy to the Executive Director.

All required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*) and must be filled in; screen readers will say the word star.

Once submitted, the form will be emailed to the ALSC President, Vice-President, immediate Past-President and Executive Director. You will receive an acknowledgement email that your report was submitted. Please be sure to forward a copy of your report to your PGC and upload a copy to your ALA Connect space.