Submit Student Documents to Processing
Please use this Form to submit your Admissions or Financial Aid Forms and Documents.

Please Submit each Document as a separate file.

Also please name the file with your Student ID (918) - "What it is".
For example:
918000001 - Social Security Card
918000001 - Student W2
918000001 - Parent W2
918000001 - Dependent Verification Worksheet
918000001 - Certification of Immunization

If the Document is a two-sided document make sure you scan both sides.

If the Document requires a signature -- Please make sure you sign and scan document as an image.

Some documents must be Official Document and we cannot accept them thought this form: examples are Transcripts (College and High School), Birth Certificate, Statement of Education. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please use a scanner to scan the documents you are submitting, do not take a picture with your phone. If you use a phone and take pictures of the documents, then it makes the required information unreadable.

We only expect Documents in the following format -- TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or PDF.

If you do not know your Student ID (918) you can look it up here:

Click Here - Look up your Student ID, MyABAC Username, and Student Email

You can also find out if you are missing any other Documents by checking your Stallion Status -- To check your Stallion Status:
Go to MyABAC Resource Page. Click on “Banner”, Enter Secure Area, Login, then select Stallion Status from the Menu. Outstanding documents will be noted in red.
  • This is your 918 Student Number.
  • Name registered with ABAC - No Nicknames