Summer Storage Application Request Form
  • The storage agreement is only available for those current University Square Residents who (a) have a signed lease with the Owner currently, (b) have fully signed and executed a lease with the Owner that begins Fall 2018, and (c) will be returning to the same Apartment for the Fall 2018,(d) have a zero balance with University Square.
    You have elected to enter into a Summer Storage Agreement for the above mentioned unit and bedroom during the term specified. Below are the provisions of this Agreement by which you agree to abide:

  • Demographic Information

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  • Please click SUBMIT to complete your summer storage application. Please understand that we will try our best to accommodate you in the event that you wish to store your items but move to a different unit and/or bedroom type. Please understand that your request is not guaranteed, only upon availability at the property. Please understand in the event of a transfer, you will be held responsible for moving your items to the different unit. Once the application is processed and all monies are paid you will recieve the summer storage agreement from University Square Management.

    Thank you!