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Please Provide signed authorisation letter(s) granting permission to use Facility
What is the main purpose of your organisation *
Briefly describe the reason for starting your organisation and its primary aims and objectives. This will give us a general idea of what your organisation does.
Training Programme *
List all training and development programmes currently available at your organisation
List communities/areas that benefit from your Organisation's programmes *
List activities/tournaments your organisation has undertaken or was involved in and state date and results *
List activities followed by data and result. Example:
Grassroots Programme, June 8, 2011, 1st Place
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What gear is currently available at your organisation?
What equipment is current available at your organisation
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Funding Grant

Select category/categories you are applying for
 Facility Infrastructure Developement 
 Strengthen Training Programme 
 Training Gear and Equipment 
What do you hope to achieve with the grant?

Details of Funding Grant

Only complete the section which relates to the category/categories selected above

Facility Ingrastructre Development

Complete this section only if you selected this category
Please attach details of Infrastructure Development Plan
Plan should include details of the proposed infrastructure development for the Organisation as well as the purpose and benefit of the infrastructure development. The timeline of activities to complete the development plan should also be included.
How long will it take to accomplish all activities in the Organisation's infrastructure development plan?

Strengthen Training Programme

Complete this section only if you selected this cateogry
Please attach details of Training Programme
Plan should be a comprehensive outline of the planned training programme. This should include objectives of training programmme with timeline for activities, number rof coaches, coach's qualification, training schedules etc.
Reason for implementing this training programme
What is the period of the training programme
What age range will the programme target
How many participants do you anticipate
Will this programme be available to the Public?
Will you be partnering with any other agencies or local groups?
What are the criteria to enroll?

Training Gear and Equipment

Complete this section only if you selected this cateogry
Attach a list of training gear and/or equipment being requested
Attach a document detailing what the programme equipment will be used for
What age range will the gear and equipment be proccured for?

Budget and Financial Details

Total funds requested
Please attach detailed budget for funding requested
This should include breakdown of all expenses anticipated. Budget cannot be general and has to include the item(s), quantities and cost.
Please attach a signed copy of your most recent financial accounts/statements and your annual income for the previous year
Please attach your banking details (wire transfer information)


Please provide a reference from your local cricketing body and your local Sports Ministry
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