Be an Alumni Volunteer
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  • Volunteer Opportunities

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  • 30 Minute Mentor

    Provide students the opportunity to meet with one alumnus for 30 minutes to discuss career development topics of their choosing. Sessions like these have proven to be incredibly helpful to students and give them a lot of fuel for further conversations with their counselors parents, siblings, friends, and other mentors.

    All of us have arrived at our chosen professions in different ways--sharing your story and allowing students to ask questions in a safe environment will give them food for thought as to their first steps after graduation.

    Mentors are encouraged to share more of their professional and business experience since they may be mentoring students who may not be seeking a degree in their same field.
  • Spring Blow Out

    Provide encouragement and support to students before finals during this fun-filled, festive, jamboree on Kassab Mall.
  • Group Leader at Freshman Orientation

    Prologues Transitions and Viewpoints (PTV) is a three day freshman orientation held every Fall (August). During this program students spend 1/2 of their time volunteering in the community.

    Volunteers are needed to serve as small group leaders and work side by side with the students.
  • Welcome new students at Accepted Students Visit Day

    Serve as a host and greeter, welcoming newly admitted students to campus. Talk with incoming students and their parents about your college experiences, your impressions of Detroit Mercy and give the a sense they are joining a family, not just attending a university.