Join the Society of Intentionally Dry Lawns
The Society of Intentionally Dry Lawns (SIDL) is a community engagement program aimed at reducing outdoor watering, especially while drought restrictions are in place. Joining SIDL is free, and you will receive a free yard sign to proudly display at the address you indicate below.

If you would like to become a member, please take this brief pledge to indicate that you agree to turn off your irrigation system during the current drought response conditions, will water your lawn only when absolutely necessary, and will adhere to other outdoor watering restrictions.

Thank you for being a water saver!
  • Image depicts actual yard sign. Sign will be approx 18in x 24in (standard real estate sign size)
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  • The Metro Water District will not share your email address. We will use your email address to communicate regarding drought-related information and other programs.
  • Pledge to Reduce Your Outdoor Watering

    As a member of the society, you agree to water your lawn only when absolutely necessary. If you do have to water your lawn, remember that Level 2 Drought Response limits outdoor landscape watering to two days per week determined by odd and even-numbered addresses. There are also restrictions on additional outdoor water-use activities.

    See watering schedule below.
  • The average lawn only needs 1 inch of rain/water per week to thrive.
  • Watering during the cooler parts of the day will help limit evaporation.
  • See below for watering schedule. Watering during weeks when rain is in the forecast may not be necessary at all.
  • You can take your car to a commercial car wash facility that recycles water.