Bay Ambassador: Presentation Request Application
Galveston Bay Ambassadors Program

Grades: K-5

The Bay Ambassadors program introduces youth to the natural wonders, resources, and multiple uses of the Galveston Bay estuary via an interactive, classroom-based presentation. Perfect for Elementary schools, Girl and Boy Scout troops, day camps, and after-school clubs.

*Program Fee:
$100 per day: Two consecutive class presentations.
$200 per day: More than two consecutive class presentations.

*The program fee must be received in full three business days before the presentation.*

Program Expectations:
- No more than 35 students per presentation.
- The presentation is one hour of informative and engaging outreach activities.
- Post Evaluation Survey to be completed by participating teacher or event organizer.
- Multiple presentations must be scheduled relatively close in time.
- Bay Ambassador Presenter to arrive thirty minutes prior to program start time for set-up preparation.
- Space provided for presentation must not interfere with daily classes or programs.
- Allow twenty minutes for presentation breakdown.
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  • Ex: students with special needs, outdoor setting, etc.