2014 WBW Company Advisor Application
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    Our goal is to have CAs with work experience in the pathway industries as Advisors for each of the pathway programs.

  • Business Week (the original) - all universities:
    This program is great for any career track. “Companies” of students compete in an interactive business simulation to make daily operational decisions, market their products to investors and maintain profitable operations.
  • Advanced Business Week - Western (Bellingham) June 21-28, 2014: For those students who have already experienced Business Week, we offer an advanced program that gives an in-depth look at BIZSim, business planning, entrepreneurship and business communications.
  • Healthcare Week Pathway - Gonzaga (Spokane) July 12-19, 2014 or PLU (Tacoma) August 2-9, 2014:
    In the context of a real-world healthcare crisis, “Clinics” navigate their way through a medical response plan, hands-on clinical workshops, and disease research while learning about leadership, teamwork and the business of healthcare.
  • Agri-Business Week Pathway - Central (Ellensburg) July 19-26, 2014:
    More people in Washington State are involved in agriculture and agri-business than any other industry. Students will follow the food chain and discover the career opportunities at every link. They will learn what it takes to feed the world.
  • Energy Week Pathway - Central (Ellensburg) July 19-26, 2014:
    “Companies” develop a business proposal convincing home contractors to build “homes of the future” using the latest energy technology. Students review the production and conservation of solar energy, wind turbines, and geothermal exchange, while exploring the wide spectrum of career choices in renewable energy and green construction.
  • Manufacturing Week Pathway - Western (Bellingham) June 21-28, 2014:
    Get AMPT! Week was specifically created to address the demand for quality employees in manufacturing. Hands-on projects, a response to a Request for Proposal, tours, demonstrations, and industry panels will showcase the wide spectrum of opportunities in manufacturing in Washington State.
  • Choose the university you want to attend (1 and 2) in order of preference.
  • Choose the program or pathway you want to mentor (1 and 2) in order of preference.


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    You will not be charged or invoiced for the registration fee of $325 until your application has been accepted (after April 15).

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