Great Dorset Event Service - Security Application
Please answer ALL the questions on this form, If any question or section do not apply to you insert NO or N/A.
You will need to supply 5 years work history or back eduction to complete this form for screening.
You will also need to supply 5 years of address history.
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  • Are you registered self-employed ?
    Are you a student in full-time education?
    Do you hold a full current driving licence?
  • Please supply all SIA licence numbers for the licences you hold.
  • If you have any previous Experience or information that you feel relates to your application please provide it here.
  • I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information that i have given in my application for employment is true an complete. I also understand that any false statement or omission to the company or its representatives may render lead to termination of employment without notice. I understand and agree that if so required i will make a statutory Declaration in accordance with the provisions of the statutory declarations ACT 1835 in confirmation of previous employment or unemployment. I authorise the company or its agents to approach Government agencies,former employers , educational establishments, criminal justice agencies and personal referees for information relating to and verification of my employment/unemployment record. I further declare that any documents that i provide as proof of my identity, proof of address, proof of right to work and any other documents that i provide are genuine and give my consent for these documents to be examined under a UV scanner or similar device. I acknowledge that any falsified documents may be reported to the appropriate authority.
  • the company will use the information you have given on your application form(together with any information which we obtain with your consent from third parties) for accessing your suitability for employment. It may be necessary to disclose your information to our agents and other service providers.
    By returning this form to the company you consent to us processing personal data about you where this is necessary, for example information about your credit status, ethnic origin or criminal offences. you also consent to the transfer of your information to your current and future employers.
    your information will be held on our computer database and /or in our paper filing clicking to agree to this process and confirm that you do not have a criminal record subject to the current rehabilitation of offendesr Act and any amendments . you have the right to apply for a copy of your information (for which we may charge a small fee0 and to have any inaccuracies corrected.
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