Refund Policy
Cambridge High School

    From time to time, international fee paying students may need or desire to withdraw from their course before completion of their intended study programme.


    There is a need to ensure that an appropriate level of refund is made, which is fair to both parties and recognises the current and on-going expenses incurred by the Board of Trustees.


    1. No refund will be made to a student who transfers to another educational institution inside or outside of New Zealand.

    2. No refund will be made where a student is asked to leave the School because of misbehaviour, poor attendance or violation of school rules. Or if a student visa is declined by NZ immigration due to not meeting the attendance criteria or any other NZ immigration criteria.

    3. No refund will be made if false or inaccurate information or records are presented for consideration in the application for enrolment process.

    4. In order to be eligible for any refund the student, parent or legal guardian shall apply in writing to the Board of Trustees explaining why they have withdrawn from their course.

    5. The Board of Trustees may consider the special circumstances of the withdrawal, but shall ensure that the costs and commitments are funded before approval of a refund.

    6. Except in exceptional circumstances, no refund is payable to a student who withdraws in the second half of his/her course. In the case of full year students, the second half of the course commences on the first school day of Term 3.

    7. Any unused contingency money will be refunded to the student at the time the student’s contract finishes.

    The guidelines of what refund you can expect are laid out below:

    a) Student enrols but fails to attend on commencement date.
    Fees will be refunded less an administration charge of $1000.

    b) Student attends school and withdraws before the end of first term.
    Fees will be refunded as below:
    Annual Fee (Senior) $15,000
    Less Administration fee $1000
    Term charge $4250
    Government levy $110
    Balance $9640.00
    Refund 50% of balance $4820.00

    c) Student attends school and withdraws before the end of Term 2.
    Fees will be refunded as below:
    Annual Fee (Senior) $15,000
    Less Administration fee $1000
    Term charge (Terms 1&2) $8500
    Government levy $220
    Balance $5280.00
    Refund 50% of balance $2640.00

    d) Student withdraws after the start of Term 3. Except in exceptional circumstances, there is no refund.

    e) When agent commission has been paid by the school to an agent, that payment will be deducted from the refund.

    f) Homestay Fees (based on all homestay fees paid up front).

    i) If you move out of your homestay before the end of your contract the portion of your homestay fees not already used will be returned to you. The annual homestay placement/welfare fee of $250 cannot be refunded.

    ii) To have your homestay fees returned, you must have completed the leaving process at school and given two weeks’ notice to the homestay co-ordinator or pay two weeks fees in lieu of notice.
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    I/We agree to submit to the jurisdiction of New Zealand Courts and that New Zealand law will be applicable in any dispute.

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    The Board of Trustees will ensure that payments from international students are used for the intended purpose and that the fees
    are protected in the event that the school is unable to continue to offer tuition to international students. Student fees are protected
    under the Cambridge High School Board of Trustees International Students Fee Protection Policy
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