Festival of the Hours 2016
Men and Boys Choir: Audition Application

Applicants are advised to submit information by February 1, 2016, with some preference given to early applications. Singers will be notified of acceptance into the program beginning as soon as January. Enrollment is limited to 18 boy trebles. Deadline for enrollment is March 1, with the initial tuition deposit required at that time.
  • A) Personal Information

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  • B) Musical Training

  • Choirs and directors with dates of participation
  • Private instrumental and/or vocal instruction, including instruments and dates of study
  • C) Letter of Recommendation

    Please request that a current or former music instructor or director submit a brief letter of recommendation to info@festivalofthehours.org.
  • D) Audition

    After submitting the above information, an audition, in coordination with your music director, can be sent by recording (video preferable) or can be conducted via Skype or in person in Oakland, California.

    The audition will include:

    • vocalizing of full treble range on different vowels
    • a verse of a hymn of your choice
    • a test of knowledge and skill with moveable-do solfegge and la-minor
    • demonstration of melodic sight-reading skills
    • demonstration of ability to sing an inner line
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